WordPress 3.0 Just Released


Well, partway through today I started noticing WordPress 3.0 was available as an upgrade on my sites… I always love new WordPress versions (especially the big updates) because WordPress is already so cool to start out with.

I thought I’d take a moment and write a post about why I love WordPress so much – from an internet marketing perspective.

The main reasons:

  • Super easy installation (takes 1 minute via CPanel)
  • Very SEO friendly, out of the box (it isn’t hard to rank an basic site on the right terms)
  • Plugins (I don’t think enough can be said on this front – to date there is almost nothing I haven’t been able to bend, twist or contort WordPress into doing for me – and most of that has been accomplished via third party plugins that are readily available)
  • Themes. I’ve forked out well over a thousand bucks for premium themes, so I’ve got a nice collection now, but premium themes take WordPress to new levels and allow things you just can’t do out of the box. They let you make a very cool content management system look good. My current favorite? Headway.
  • Automation. Autoblogs are fun – and WordPress is a very cool platform to develop them from, simply because of all the very advanced plugins that are available for WordPress.
  • Compatibility. Because WordPress is based on PHP, it is easy to find scripts to work with it, and equally easy to find programmers who can work on it.
  • Ease of use for things that would normally require a programmer. Right on this page, as I’m writing this, I have options like allowing comments, hiding this post from the feed, creating a thumbnail for the post, autotagging it, posting it directly to Twitter, inserting a YouTube video – all with a couple clicks, and that is a tiny list of what is available!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is what sprung to mind. The more powerful WordPress gets, the more we’ll be able to do with it. (That’s probably self-evident, but I’ll say it anyways =).

I find it fascinating that this open-source software has truly spawned an entire industry – WordPress related plugins and themes are big sellers online.

The one thing I would love to see is true multi-domain support in the WordPress core. Now THAT would be fun from an internet marketing perspective. My ever-growing network of sites can be bothersome to update one at a time, and a central control panel for the empire would be very, very cool.

Soon I’ll post my favorite plugins for WordPress; I’ve discovered some very cool ones lately that bear sharing.

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  1. hunterdon county movers
    July 21, 2010 | 10:29 am

    I’m excited about WP 3.0 too! My favorite feature so far is the ability to bulk update your plugins. I have a bunch of plugins and it was annoying to update them individually, so now you could just update them all at once. I agree about multi-domain support, that would be awesome. I think there’s a plugin for that for WPMU actually, but not for regular WP.

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