Week 1 of Traffic Geyser – Targeted Traffic

I highly recommend turning off Aweber’s auto notify feature, which sends you an email after each new signup. However, I still haven’t. It gives me some sort of weird compulsive satisfaction seeing another message from Aweber in my inbox every few minutes. 

I guess that means I haven’t hit it big enough yet. LOL. 

Anyways, I recently posted on how I was testing out this new video strategy using Traffic Geyser. I thought I’d update the story a litte bit, seeing as I’ve learned a couple of things in the last few days through the process. 

Firstly, I’m happy to report that the strategy appears to be working. I haven’t had millions of views since last week, but traffic has been steady, and targeted.

As you can see, traffic has followed a nifty little pattern. The first peak was a paltry 12 visitors, then the last two days have been pegged at 55. The important part to note here is that traffic didn’t spike immediately; it seemed to take a couple of days to work through the system. I suspect that has something to do with the videos worming their way into the search rankings. 

More important than traffic though is action. Here’s my Aweber stats for the same time period: 

Day       Leads
1              1
2              4
3              7
4              10
5              15
6              14

To me at least, this shows the validity of using video. I’m interested to see what happens over the next few weeks, because today Traffic Geyser resubmits all my videos. I’ll do that again each week twice more. I’m hoping for another spike in traffic. 

Okay, so what have I learned? 

First thing – follow through your own process. A friend was critiquing my site for me, and the first thing he mentioned was that as soon as he signed up for my autoresponder, I sent him through to the merchant’s sales page, which then had a popup asking for his email address. There was another signup form later on down that same page. 

Answer – yoink, I took the merchant’s page and made it local, on my site, and took out the javascript relating tot he list. Everything still points back to his site, and the order button works the same as it always did, yet I can tailor things just that much better for the visitor. 

Next thing I learned was that my auto responder series sucked. The truth of the matter was that I hadn’t even written these myself, I came across it somewhere in a membership site, so I grabbed it and set it up because it was relevant. Well, turns out that relevant doesn’t mean interesting. 

So yesterday I re-wrote the first 6 parts of my auto responder. I decided to write it like a story, which I’d never done before. Turns out it was actually kind of fun! Time slipped by and soon I had an autorepsonder series that was highly engaging, made the reader identify with me, and feel the pain of their predicament, and presented a solution. 

The jury is still out on whether or not it will work, but heck, I’m proud of it at least =). I’m sure my mom would like it. =)

In other news, I watched a video today about some guy in Germany who has used Traffic Geyser to dominate Google for over 3000 keyword phrases. No, that is not a typo. 3000. Pretty staggering. He did all that with only 70 videos, and now he’s hoping to dominate 50,000 keywords by the end of next year. Pretty cool eh?

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