Video Marketing on Steroids – Traffic Geyser

As promised, here’s a post exclusively on Traffic Geyser for your enjoyment. (Having said that, I hope you enjoy it!).

For those of you unfamiliar with Traffic Geyser, it is a really cool bit of software that allows you to submit a video clip to over 40 popular video sharing sites. It also strips out the audio and submits that to podcast directories. You can then attach keywords and a description to the video, and the idea is that it very quickly gains top rankings in the search engines, piggy backing on the popularity of the major social networking sites. Ideally, you target low traffic keywords, so you still really need to do your keyword research.

I signed up for Traffic Geyser a few months ago, and here’s my experience with it so far.

I didn’t have a product of my own to promote, so I simply picked an affiliate offer I was promoting to use as a guinea pig. I made a short (1:30 min) video about the product (its a financial product). The video was literally the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen; I basically went to the their application form online and did a Camtasia screen capture of it while talking the viewer through a few key points. I then told them to go to my website, where I’d setup a special landing page for the video so they could then apply for themselves. It was the same landing page I’ve used in PPC campaigns promoting this product, just tagged with a different SID. At the end of the video I simply put my URL on the screen for a few seconds.

Now, I submitted this video about three months ago. Within a day or two, I already had one or two first page hits. I think was the first up. Anyways, just to check on this, to make sure it is current and good info for you, I just typed in my keywords while writing this post, and today, three months later, I own positions number 3, 4, 5, and 9 on the first page for my money making keyword. Interestingly, DailyMotion is no longer on the first page (I didn’t look past page 1) but YouTube is now in #4, and Technorati has scraped the video from YouTube and is #3. Also, some blogger has scraped my YouTube video and posted it on his site, so it is gaining even more exposure. His page is #5. How fun is that? My own page is number 9.

Anyways, Traffic Geyser costs around $100 a month, but I’ve been watching it closely and this short video has pretty much covered my costs for the last three months. In fact last month left me with a few bucks leftover. Now all I need to do is start creating more videos!!! (Don’t ask why I haven’t done that yet, I haven’t figured it out either.)

All that to say that Traffic Geyser is well worth the money, and if you only put a tiny bit of effort into it, you will reap the rewards.

The cool thing is that you really don’t need your own product to benefit from this. It applies just as much to affiliate marketing as it does to marketing your own products online. It is basically a great way to drive targeted, interested traffic to your site, for free.

Oh, I should mention that the biggest drag about using this software is you have to create accounts for yourself for all the video sharing sites. I only created accounts for about half of the sites, the ones I knew best and figured had the most starpower. It took me a couple hours. Alternatively, you can pay to get a complete set of accounts made for you by Traffic Geyser. It’s probably almost worth it. Once your accounts are created though, you can save the profile so you never have to enter that info again.

I’m planning on creating more videos pretty soon, I’ll keep you posted on their success!

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