Understanding Your Target: Finding Marketing Triggers

I was over at AskHowie.com and found a clip where he was talking about finding the correct triggers for your product. He gave an example of selling a weight loss product for kids. What are the triggers that would prompt a concerned parent to search for such a product? It could have been a doctor’s visit, a comment from another parent, a comment from the kid in a Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect stroller themself, or any number of other things.

By understanding the different events that would trigger a motivated buyer to start searching for your product, you can market to them much better. A “triggered” searcher is one who emotionally is ready to buy, right now. All you need to do is get your product in front of them and clinch the deal with some compelling copy that plays on that trigger.

Take the weight loss example again; if you identified a common trigger being a doctor’s visit, and you created an ad that was titled or included “Fed Up With Doctor’s Visits?” or something of the like; your searcher is more likely to identify with that ad because of their recent experience. Immediately they feel a connection with your ad because you’ve identified with their experience. They get the impression you understand what they’re going through.

Taking this beyond the ad, if you can exploit these triggers in the sales letter itself you can take this to a much higher level. Suppose a concerned parent got to your site by searching for “weight loss for kids,” and when they get there, they immediately see a leading statement related to doctor’s visits. Do you think they’re more likely to at least read the whole sales letter?

If you can get inside your target market’s minds, you will have a far higher success rate than simply taking the “if we market it they will come” approach.

PS: today I randomly discovered that 138 people per day search for the keyword phrase “excuses for being absent from work” and there are no Adwords campaigns running! I wonder if there’s potential here for a work from home product… then again perhaps its a bomb? Let me know if you try it out…

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