I found it! The Ultimate SEO Software…

Well this blog was initially intended to focus on internet marketing strategies, and it will continue to do so. However, I’m currently in the middle of launching DigitalFrameGuy.com and as such I find my work life turning to the fascinating subject of SEO. Therefore, you’ll likely see a lot more SEO related posts here in the next little while.

So, since we’re talking about SEO, I wanted to let you know about another magnificent little tool I just discovered. My intention isn’t really to flog every product I can find on this blog, but I do want to make mention of tools that I’ve legitimately found useful so others can benefit. I’ve been getting SEO related sales calls quite a bit lately, and mostly they cost a pretty penny. So I opted to do my own SEO. However, I wanted something to help me with the often odious task of link building and search engine submissions. So I wrote down questions to ask marketing agency experts and called a whole lot of them. From those discussions I learned so much of what I didn’t know, which was a blessing and gave me direction.

Anyways, I came across iBusinessPromoter today, which is a cool bit of software that helps you with the complete SEO process, from ground zero all the way through keyword selection, site optimization, search engine submission, link management, and finally a top 10 ranking on the search engine of your choice – guaranteed. Yes, that’s right. Their guarantee is that if you follow their recommendations for your site, and can’t get a top 10 ranking on Google within one year they’ll give you your money back. That’s a pretty good offer where I come from.

So anyways, I downloaded the free version of the best salon and spa software to check it out. I also discovered that companies like eBay, Lexmark, Canon, etc etc have used this product, which gave it a fair bit of credibility off the bat. So after installation, I setup a few of the options and then ran an optimization test on my site. I was expecting something like what I’d seen from other tools online; however this thing took a good 5 minutes crawling all over the internet, finally spitting out a 40 or so page report for my perusal. It also told me that my site ranked at 87%, and then proceeded to tell me why.

The premise here is that if you want to get into the top 10 for say, “internet marketing tips,” then the software will look at the top 10 listings for that keyword on Google. It will analyze each of the 10 pages for something like 130 different factors, then compare your own site to those 10. The idea is that comparing these 10 sites will give you a range of what Google is looking for to get a high ranking, for each parameter. The report then goes into great detail telling you how you match up to the top 10, where you fall short, where you’re too far over the top (ie my keyword density was too high for some variables), and basically where you need to be.

My next step, after making a couple more tweaks on the optimization front, is to do a wholesale site submission to a bunch of search engines and directories. IBP has about 130 search engines that it can submit to automatically, plus a few hundred more that it gives you an assisted submission. In other words, it will fill out pretty much all the fields, then you get to do the CAPTCHA and hit submit. So its like manual submissions on hyperdrive, times 3. IBP apparently has all the updated specs on all the search engines – I checked ou their update log and there have been regular updates every week for a long time.

After the site submissions comes the link building and management. IBP will identify similar sites to mine, based on the keywords provideded and rankings, and work to help me get inbound links coming from those sites. It helps with both reciprocal links as well as one-way links. You can email webmasters from a standard form inside the software, which is cool. Plus you can now see all your inbound links from one tool, with stats on each one. Talk about link management. Prior to this, my link management involved managing the fact that I needed more links, and walking around in the dark trying to get some. This brings it to a whole new level.

Another thing you can do from inside the software is all kinds of keyword research and manipulation. You can generate keyword lists, then modify them for use in PPC as well as on your site. Take the list over to the search engine ranking tool within the program and run it through to get every keyword’s ranking stats: searches, number of results in Google, KEI, and the top link in Google for that word, along with the PR of that link. It’s pretty cool.

I don’t even know what else this software does, but all I can tell you is that as of right now, it looks like it’s going to be my ticket to SEO happiness. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to checkout the free version of the iBusinessPromoter software.

3 Responses to I found it! The Ultimate SEO Software…
  1. bbrian017
    June 5, 2008 | 10:37 am

    were you serious when you mentioned is gave a 40 page report or were you kidding? I mean what does someone who simply owns a website do with a 40 page seo report omg.

    I’m finding your article more and more exciting each week Jonathan it’s a pleasure reading your work and following your foot prints on the net.

    I’m subscribed so please do keep us up to date regarding this software. I’ll be trying it when I get home this evening. I can’t really do it at work but for your results I can truly say I’m also excited!

    Thanks for sharing this tool with us!
    Brian b

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  2. Jonathan
    June 5, 2008 | 10:47 am

    I should really check how many pages this thing actually is before I go telling everyone it is 40 (I was reading it in html so I don’t know for sure). I know I can tell you it took me a good hour to work through it in detail, and I learned a lot. If you want, I can run a report for you on blogengage. Just let me know the keyword phrase you’re targeting and I’ll email you the report.

  3. Jonathan
    June 5, 2008 | 10:52 am

    Ah ha! Oops I just made a pdf of my report and it is in fact 71 pages long! LOL. The reason for it being so long is all the comparison to the other sites… it is very well laid out and readable though. Apparently this tool is what a lot of SEO’s use for their client’s sites; they just edit the names at the top and send it…