Two Things to Focus On. That’s It.

I was on a live call with Carlos & Lupe of Traffic Tactics last night, and they had some pretty interesting things to say. For those of you who don’t know about Traffic Tactics, they are the guys who make it look ridiculously simple to make in excess of $2 million per month, simply by buying traffic and sending it to their offers. That’s some pretty big ka-ching. Their secret is buying banner traffic, email traffic, etc. Pay Per Click is fairly small potatoes compared to the traffic that is available out there using banners and other forms of media. 

Anyways, although it is interesting to talk about Insertion Orders and everything else, one thing that Carlos said last night caught my attention, because I’ve been on this outsourcing kick lately. 

Only Two Things To Focus On

Carlos said that as a business owner, entrepreneur, whatever, you should only be focused on two things:

1. Getting more eyeballs to your offer. 

2. Making more money per eyeball. 

I think I paraphrased slightly, but you get the point. Identify everything you’re doing that is outside these two activities of generating traffic and increasing conversions, and outsource it! Now, I realize that this can’t happen all at once. I’m still in the very early stages of my business, so a lot of things I’m opting to do myself, at least the first time, so that I know how to do it. However, the trick is to outsource as much of this as possible, as soon as possible. Create systems when you learn how to do something, record it via Camtasia or JingProject (it’s free and super-uber-extremely easy to use!!) and then find someone to outsource this system to!

The other thing that he mentioned was that everyone is always talking about how knowledge is power. That is simply not true. I’ve met people who know a lot about everything, but are no good to anyone because they don’t know how to apply it. He said “applied knowledge is power” and that is far more accurate. If you know what to do, and do it, then you’re getting somewhere. That’s something I sometimes struggle with… I’m constantly reading, watching and listening to every new internet marketing technique that comes out, learning new things, but unless I actually sit down and apply what I’ve learned, I might as well be in jail for all the good it will do me. 

Well that’s it for today. Just a reminder – StomperNet is throwing out some ridiculous bonuses (4 pm today) from about a dozen huge name marketers (Mike Filsaime, Brad Callen, Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, to name only a few!) to sweeten their already ridiculous offer for Stomping the Search Engines II. I really recommend checking it out – it will all be over by Monday, September 15th – no more bonuses. Seriously, these freebies alone are worth thousands. Plus, remember, the main offer only costs $10! This one is worth getting even just for the freebies.

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