Trusted Gurus – Do They Exist?

I was searching for something online today (I can’t even remember what) and somehow I came across I read the (non)sales letter and signed up for their forum (its free, they’re not actually selling anything).

It looks like a great idea. The premise is that the forum members will comment and vote on “trusted gurus” in various industries. The only people allowed to vote are those who have actually purchased a product from a guru, and are thus qualified to properly and impartially review it.

Currently the only gurus that are listed belong to the internet marketing industry.

The reason this site caught my attention was partially because the post I recently wrote about Google Snatch 2.0, and how I was quite disappointed with it, was still quite fresh in my mind. A site that provides a trusted, impartial, third party opinion as to the credibility of these gurus could be quite valuable to those of us who habitually (compulsively? hmm… fodder for a different post) spend thousands each year on info materials.

The site is not selling anything at all, has no affiliate links, and is not out to make a profit in any shape or form. You can read it all on their homepage. Their sole purpose is to bring some credibility to some of these guys out there. I think the more people that get involved with this project, the better it will become.

Are there any “gurus” that you trust implicitly? Meaning you’d buy pretty much anything they came out with, without even reading the sales letter, you just knew it would be that good? How about people you would avoid at all costs? If so, please leave a comment below.

Currently there aren’t that many people active on the forum, but I’m sure it is growing, and I think the idea is a valid one. Why don’t you go check it out?

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