The Importance of An Upsell

Back in November I released my first product in my new niche. In December I released the second one. Finally, in mid-January, I made the second one an upsell to the first.

The reason I didn’t get around to doing this right away was quite simple. It was on the list, and clearly not of high enough priority.

You’ve heard all the gurus say it before, but you need an upsell!

It’s quite simple. A percentage of people will purchase it, and if done right, the others won’t mind at all.

Well, I knew all that as theory, but when I finally put the upsell in place, I figured I would be lucky to pull in a 10% conversion rate for the upsell. I gave them a bit of a deal – $10 off the regular price of the second product.

So I installed the upsell late one afternoon, just before heading to Mexico, and let ‘er rip.

My upsell process consisted of a 2 minute video, and probably one paragraph, and that was it. How can that do justice to a full on product?

Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. That upsell, pathetic sales process and all, has converted at over 30% consistently since I put it there. In fact, right now, its north of 40%.

And I haven’t even done anything to optimize that page, make it pretty, or anything! It actually is a bit ugly.

Now the truly ironic thing is that the upsell is converting far better than the actual salespage of that product. The one where I’ve got an opt in page, a sales page, a sales video, a launch style blog with good free content, an autoresponder followup…. the works!

The Guarantor site isn’t converting very well… yet. The upsell? Where I give them hardly anything to go on except for my word that the two products go well together? Yeah, that sucker is performing!

So if you haven’t decided yet whether or not you need an upsell, let me make that decision for you right now. YES.

If you don’t have one created, you can use PLR, or just create another complimentary product that could work. It doesn’t have to be better than the first product, the main thing is that you’re able to raise the overall average transaction value. Great if you can have a $27 front product and $97 backend, but even if your upsell is only $10, if a percentage take you up on it, you’re making more moola.

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