Stomping the Search Engines II for Free!

StomperNet sorted out their technical glitch.

They’re live.

It’s free.

What’s not to like?

Go check it out!

Stomping the Search Engines II is a DVD course that will teach you how Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins turned their web businesses into multi-millions per month businesses! Talk about SEO!

I just ordered my copy – the total came to $11.56 for shipping to Canada. Talk about a deal.

Anyways, this is one product that I think really has potential to teach me to do some damage out there. I’m excited because I’m currently in the midst of promoting my webstore, selling physical products, and that is exactly how Brad and Andy cut their teeth in the internet. Physical products. Brad sells wedding favours. $22 million a year’s worth. I don’t know what Andy does, but it’s along the same lines. A lot of the stuff you come across these days is geared towards info products etc.

Stomping the Search Engines works for info products, for physical products, for everything. From what I’ve heard it is a master’s degree in SEO, and selling online.

If you’re still skeptical, wait till I get my copy, and I’ll tell you all about it. However, if you can afford $11.56, you might want to just get onboard now!

Go check it out!

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