Seth Godin on 2012

I’ve been reading “All Marketers Are Liars” lately, by Seth Godin, so when a friend sent me the following interview with Seth, I watched it with interest:

Basically what he’s saying is that the path forward is not going to be doing more of the same thing everyone else is doing. You have to find a way to add value and become a leader of sorts in your market. To be honest, that was kind of nice to hear, as I think that’s what I’ve been busy with for a couple of years now, but it is a good confirmation and reminder.

Stability doesn’t come from punching the time clock and putting in your 9-5 anymore, and in fact our very notions of what stability is are likely going to change rather dramatically in 2012, unless I’m mistaken.

Oh well, one of the only constants is change right? I say, bring it on.

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