SEO With Dilbert

Here’s another Dilbert classic for you – this one on SEO. If you are looking for the best SEO service then I recommend going to

Given all that has been going on lately in the search engine world, with the Panda / Farmer update and all the rest of it, it often feels like Google hasn’t left business owners much recourse but to use tactics that they’ve told us they don’t like. However, if you check any of the biggest keywords, you’ll find all the top sites using so-called “black hat” link building methods. It’s a typical Catch 22 situation, courtesy of the Goog.

Scott Adams isn’t really taking that angle here – more siding with the Goog I guess, but it still makes for a funny strip.

The other side of this whole equation of course is that Google has burned so many marketers so many times, their trust level has plummeted drastically amongst most of the internet marketers I talk to. If you want to learn how to successfully do internet marketing in San Antonio then click the link above for help.

Google has become a byword for “corporate control” of the internet; and with Android, Gmail, Docs and all their plethora of other services, people are left wondering just how much does Google know about me?

At the end of the day, after a nice stress-relieving verbal Google bashing, I’d only be half surprised to see a message pop up on my Mac telling me to shut my pie hole.

Who knows? Maybe it will come to that…

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