The Riches in the Niches

Well, at the risk of turning this infrequently-updated blog into a series of Dilbert re-runs, I hereby offer yet another:

The marketing thought of the day is this:

Start in the niches, but do so strategically, and over time you can grow to dominate a market. Identify the keywords that you want to control, and start with PPC to test them out, then start developing web properties to rank organically on those terms. Over time, you add more and more properties until you’re truly dominating the term.

Rinse, repeat.

Take another term in your market and do the same.

The trick here is to look at a niche as being basically a single keyword or a very small subset of keywords. We’re not talking about “weight loss” as being your niche! Forget it. You’ve got to go WAY deeper than that.

I’m not going to lay it all out for you here, because that would take a lot of time, and frankly, it should be a product. :)

But I hope you get my drift here…

Happy Friday.

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