Random Acts of Google

About a month ago, I started a campaign testing out a new strategy on the Adwords content network. It was an extremely small campaign, only about 5 keywords, but I setup 3 ads for it. I promptly forgot about this thing, until this morning I received one of those nice little “Your Google Adwords Approval Status” emails from big G.

Anyways, the suddenly took it upon themselves to randomly determine that my micro campaign should be suspended, because of “pop-ups” of all things.

Now, the funny part is that I’m linking directly to the merchant site here, not going through a landing page in this particular case, and the merchant is one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Now, do you think that they are running their own PPC campaigns, linking to exactly the same page? Of course.

So my question is – why haven’t THEY been disqualified?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter to me anyways. I did a quick check and I’d only gotten three clicks on the campaign in a month, so I couldn’t care less.

But the question remains: is Google really consistent with these things, and why would they all of a sudden decide to suspend my ad NOW? I mean, don’t they check these things initially?

Oh well, there’s Google for you.

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