My PLR Contest – Free Master Resell Rights

I’ve recently started to discover the world of private label rights (PLR) and I’m finding out how cool it can be to get a product that requires only a little bit of work before you can sell it. So I recently acquired some private label rights to a bunch of e-books. I actually got the master resell rights as well. Now I know there is a lot of lousy content floating around out there under the guise of free PLR, but I can assure you, I did pay good money for these, and from reading a few of them they actually look like some decent content. Sellable content. Perfect for a bonus, an upsell, or even a low end offer (what Ryan Deiss calls a self-liquidating offer or SLO).

I’ve decided to give the rights to these PLR books to my blog readers.

Yes, that’s right. If you’re reading this right now, I’m giving you an opportunity to get going with your own PLR material for free. 

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There is a catch though! 

I’ve decided that because I did pay a decent amount of good money for these PLR books, I wanted to recapture some of that investment. But, I didn’t want to make you pay for them either, because I know that starting out as an internet marketer can be expensive, and there often isn’t a lot of cash floating around for every little thing. 

Introducing (and here’s your marketing lesson for the day). They introduce a third party into the traditional buyer/seller negotiation. The third party offers the buyer a free trial of something or other, and in exchange pays the seller a small commission. TrialPay then credits the sales page as if the buyer had actually paid, and the buyer is given access to the product for free. Follow that? It’s actually pretty simple. 

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve set this up on my free PLR page. So go have a look, and please select one of the products to make your own! At the very least, checkout the TrialPay process, and think about ways that you can apply this to your own business model. Being able to profit while giving things away for free is truly an incredible step forward for internet marketers. 

The Contest!

I’d love to hear your comments & experiences with PLR content, or regarding TrialPay and how you think you can apply it to your business. So to help stimulate conversation I’m going to give away a free copy of a PLR product complete with a sales page and product graphics!!! as a prize.

Click here for Free PLR Products

How to Enter

Simple leave a comment or linkback below relevant to PLR and/or TrialPay. Make it intelligent. 

You can earn additional entries by following me on Twitter or subscribing to the RSS Feed. If you do this, leave a comment to that effect so it can be counted. 

The winner will be chosen by a random number generator on October 31st, 2008. 

The Prize

The winner will get to choose a product from one of the following 10 niches: 
Stop Stuttering
Water To Gas
Winning the Affiliate War
List Building Strategies That Work
Web 2.0 Sites Exposed
Discover the Secrets to Gain Weight and Muscle
Free Reports Exposed
Adult Dyslexia
Selling Your Annuity

The product will come complete with a sales letter, product graphics, and full master resell rights. You get to do absolutely anything you can dream of with this product. Print it, publish it, sell it, give it away, use it yourself – anything! All you have to do is comment or linkback!

Click here for Free PLR Products

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