OTO Placement – Thank You Page vs Unsubscribe Page

Everyone who’s been in internet marketing for more than about thirty-five seconds has been exposed to at least one OTO, or One Time Offer page. It’s a good idea, as it is a fairly effective way to build the sense of urgency that you’re never going to get this chance again (little hint for you – if you’re interested, but don’t have time, just bookmark it – 99% of them are static URLs anyways =). 

Okay, so the OTO is accepted. Next step, why not put one on your Thank You page, just after someone has subscribed, or purchased? It’s a perfect spot to put an upsell; they’re already in the buying mood and most people get a bit of a psychological/emotional buzz off buying something – it makes them feel good. Why not extend the feeling? 

Ok, so putting an OTO on the Thank You page has started to become quite common; you see it frequently. 

Well here’s a different one for you. About a year ago I bought a Clickbank product – I won’t say which one – but it was an internet marketing related product – which I found difficult to use, and basically sucked. Perhaps I could have figured it out in time, but unfortunately it just joined the host of other under-used purchases I’ve made. 

Anyways, over time I started to tire of the incessant upsell emails that kept on coming, week in week out. Eventually I unsubscribed. However, a while ago I started getting emails again from this guy, I assume from a different list that I had been put on. So today I once more unsubscribed. 

I clicked the link and was sent to a redirect page – something – I assume it was a “Sorry you’re leaving us” page – flashed briefly before my eyes, and then boom – the One Time Offer!

I briefly saw something to the effect of “if you want to make absolute craploads of money you absolutely need this and you’ll never see it again!” but I didn’t really read it. I was so surprised that a marketer would try to sell me something just after telling him “thank you very much, but I’m fed up enough of your emails that I took the time to briefly visit your site just to make sure I never see you again.”

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about framing the customer before the purchase, you’ll know where this is heading. Thing is, if you take someone in a mood such as I was at the time, and throw an OTO in front of them, your bounce rate is probably going to be 99%, not to mention your conversion rate! 

IMHO, the unsubscribe page is a place to lay down the sales hammer for a minute, and respectfully deal with the customer as a person. Let them know you’re sorry they’re leaving you, and put a comments box to find out the reason for their unsubscribe. 

I can pretty well guarantee you that if you act on the information you get about why people unsubscribe, you’ll be able to improve your list results. Now, consider your options. First, give them an OTO that not only ticks them off so they’ll never do business with you again, or respectfully ask them why they’re leaving, get some good intel, and go back to your list and make sure that more people don’t leave. 

Which one is more valuable?

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  1. OtoHaber
    January 24, 2009 | 4:20 pm

    If you’re selling anything online, testimonials can help your sales letter / process. People would much rather be convinced by someone other than the person…