One MILLION Emails!

One MILLION EmailsA little while ago I found myself chatting with someone who was describing to me their marketing plans & strategies.

The word “million” was getting dropped quite a bit, though it was always in relation to things like “views,” “emails,” and “impressions.”

Those are all nice things, to be sure, but hardly worth focusing on.

None of those actually require any user action… even one million “clicks” would become something to talk about, but that wasn’t once mentioned.

The ability to send out an email blast to one million (of someone else’s) addresses is hardly guaranteed to make you money. Back in the day I tried doing one of these blasts… I think it was a hundred thousand or something that I paid $100 for, I honestly can’t remember the details… except that whatever I spent was well and truly squandered. I saw a few hits to my website, but zero opt ins… and zero sales.

Email can be a very powerful tool in the marketer’s toolbox; however it must be a list that you’ve built yourself and that has placed trust and credibility in you to the point of actually reading what you write, and acting on it. When there is zero relationship present, you might as well expect zero results.

Now, a different side of this story of course is using someone else’s list, but having them mail it for you. Now you’re working off the trust that they’ve developed in their own list, and you’re piggy backing on that. This works great too, but once again, its the relationship principle.

Same thing with views on the internet – you can pop a million banners, and it means jack squat. A million views of the same banner on a targeted website in your niche, now that’s going to perform very differently. Again, same issue here.

Much as I’ve slagged on the guy in the past, Ryan Deiss is currently launching a new product, and the foundation of his sales pitch is developing a huge list of buyers. He’s very correctly pointed out that a list of buyers is FAR more profitable than a list of people who have merely opted in for free information, and yet even that opt in list is exponentially more profitable than a 3rd party list that hasn’t even opted in for anything!

Moral of the story? Re-think how you’re defining the word “targeted” and how that impacts your business. Chances are, the target can be narrowed down… a whole lot.

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