Nova Scotia’s Brilliant Marketing Campaign

I just got a link forwarded to me by someone, and I thought it was such a cool example of viral marketing that I would share it with you. 

The link is

Go check it out. It’s a very cool site about a phone that does everything you can imagine. It does every kind of electronic function you’d want, from a Global Voice Translator with 50 languages to a hi-def projector, plus other cool things like a built in shaver, harmonica and coffee maker. It is seriously sweet. 

I won’t tell you want the campaign is for, I’ll let you figure that out yourself. 

However, I just wanted to bring it to your attention as a great viral marketing campaign. People send this around, link to it (like me) and otherwise talk about it. It creates buzz. 

If you can think of something like that to work for your business or product, don’t wait – do it! The results can be fantastic.

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