My Video Strategy Results

A few days I posted about my new strategy to use video to bring in a torrential horde of highly qualified traffic, which would beat their way to my landing page, buying something before they even knew what happened. Yep. Seminars can make you think that way. 

Well, I submitted a dozen videos, all keyword targeted (I did my research! Used a combination of Google’s keyword tool and Ad Word Analyzer), title targeted, with what I thought were good titles, descriptions etc. I made sure to put my link as the first part of the description, and then submitted everything using Traffic Geyser

That was Friday afternoon. 

Results: Search Ranking

So what kind of results have I had since then? Well, for starters, although I haven’t checked every single keyword I targeted, I haven’t had the kind of whiz-bang success that I had last time I tried a keyword targeted video. Mind you, that one was a brand name target, with only 71,000 search results for competition. All these keywords I targeted had 300,000 or less, but that’s still a tougher battle. I do have one or two first page listings (from MySpace, surprisingly), but not as many as I had hoped. 

Interestingly enough though, the real winner has been my domain itself. I expected the videos to rank higher, and for the domain to not really show up at all. However, I picked a keyword rich domain name (let’s call it – each letter is a word), and here’s my current rankings:

XY    #7     12,100 monthly search volume      384,000 results
XYZ  #1     140 monthly search volume           204,000 results
YZ    #19   9,900 monthly search volume        444,000 results 

I’m pretty pleased with that. Unfortunately, XYZ is a low volume keyword, but I’m hoping that with a little bit of work I can break those other two up high into the top, and hopefully start capturing more organic traffic. Also, my chosen niche has an incredible spike for one or two months each year (around graduation), so it will be interesting to see what happens. (Mental note – do some additional prep for seasonal volume!). 

Video Strategy Phase II will be kicking in shortly, as I start re-submitting many of these videos with alternate accounts, titles, keywords and descriptions. I’m starting to discover there’s a little more competition out there, video wise, than I thought at first for this niche. Oh well. I’m not afraid, I’ll take them all on! 

Results: Views 

So an interesting comparison, just looking at two of the sites submitted to (I noticed not all the videos made it up for some reason):

350 views on – 7 videos
100 views on – 12 videos

So you can see that Vidilife has had much better success than YouTube thus far. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but my YouTube videos are all around 5-10 hits. Kinda pathetic. I’ve started posting them as responses to other videos to see if that will help. I’m also going to try some title/tag leeching to see if I can piggy back onto some big hits. 

Results: Opt Ins

Okay, so beyond views, has anyone been visiting? Heck yeah! Visits have shot up to 10 per day! Time to get a new server! Okay, so visits haven’t been so stellar, but I am exremely please with my opt in rate. Out of 29 Unique Displays (since I reset my stats to un-account for my fiddling with it) I’ve had 14 submissions – a 48.3% opt-in rate! I guess that means my landing page passes the grade at any rate.

So I’m going to stay at work, trying to dial in the video strategy a bit better and see what happens. I saw a video on YouTube today that was posted yesterday, yet had 65,000 views, and another (this one in my niche) posted last month, with over 300,000 views. I know the traffic is there, and that it is possible; the trick is getting the right combination of things working in my favor.

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