My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love wordpress.

One of the biggest reasons I like WordPress so much is the availability of plugins. Plugins are these cool little bits of bespoke software development in UK that you can seamlessly install into your website, and they’ll add some sort of cool functionality that wasn’t there right out of the box.

So here’s a list of my all-time favorite WordPress plugins; pay close attention because there are some gems in here!

(Please note the plugins aren’t in any particular order!)

All in One SEO Pack

No plugins list would be complete without this great plugin. Allows you to easily edit your metadata for each post/page and do a lot of other things that tremendously help your on-site SEO.

WP Database Backup

A very cool plugin that allows you to automagically backup your database on a set schedule. You can even set this thing to email that backup to you on schedule! I’ve also used this to copy the database if I’m going to clone a site or move it… pretty handy.

Login Lockdown

Every now and then some idiot might try to hack your blog. This plugin gives you an extra layer of protection against that.

Google Analyticator

Integrates Google Analytics into your site. Even better, you can get Analytics stats to show up directly in your WordPress control panel.

Widget Context

Possibly my favorite recently discovered plugin. This one is awesomesauce. It lets you specify exactly which pages you want specific plugins to appear on. So for instance – if you want that opt in box on every other page except for the homepage? No problem. (I’ll often place a much larger opt in box on the home page, or place it more prominently, so I don’t like having the duplication). Seriously – this one is well worth the 3 seconds it takes to download.

Smart YouTube

Easily lets you slap in YouTube videos on your site, and remove titles, related videos and all those other not-so-fun distractions that may pull people off your site. Has a number of different options, and is extremely easy to use.

Google Website Optimizer For WordPress

This one is handy on money sites that you want to split test. It’s limited to one test per site at a time, but that’s better than nothing. It’s also pretty easy to setup, letting you drop the code in right from the page/post edit screen.

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