Killer Words to Use In Your Domain Name

I just came across this list of killer domain words over at the Traffic Tactics blog. If you’re thinking of getting another domain for some project or other, I highly recommend having a quick look through the list that they’ve developed.

Many people when they’re trying to find a domain name either pick their company name, or something based on the keywords they’re selling. This isn’t always the best tactic. Sometimes a combination of those strategies, with something from this list might produce better results.

The idea is that certain words elicit a certain psychology in people. Words sell. So use them!

One Response to Killer Words to Use In Your Domain Name
  1. jeffrey
    August 19, 2008 | 1:54 pm

    it really is a good list. Now that there are so many domains out there its hard to find a good one. Using words like these in the name can help.

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