At the End of the Day, It’s All About Marketing

I was talking to a friend of mine today about his computer. A few weeks ago, he mentioned to me that his computer was really slow. I recommded he un-install Norton, because it takes up lots of resources, and go with a free antivirus that I was using (AVG). Anyways, today he told me he had done that, and we got to talking about Norton. He assumed that it was one of the best, but I was quick to point out that when I had looked into it by reading reviews and stuff online, Norton rarely even hit the top 5. And yet he, along with millions of others, happily thinks Norton is one of the best out there!

Why do I say this? On a blog that is supposedly focused on marketing? Well, because although I previously knew this truth on an intellectual level, today it just sunk a little deeper:

He who markets best is best”

Read it a couple times and let it sink in. Marketing and sales is often all about perceptions. He who markets best, builds the best impression in the minds of his customers. Who decides who buys a particular product? That’s right, the customer does. We can’t force their hand. Therefore, regardless of any empirical product testing, if you have captured first place in the consumer’s minds, you’ve won. Forget the product reviews and everything else, that is all secondary. If the customer believes you’re the best, just don’t give them a reason to think otherwise. Give them a half-decent product and they’ll love you for it. Look at Microsoft. Although it is starting to change, millions of people believe that they are still the best out there (for their application) and continue to buy Windows every time. As long as Microsoft keeps producing a half-reasonable product, that trend will continue, because they have the minds of the masses. (Side note: In my opinion, Vista is now lowering the bar a little bit too far… see previous post).

Anyways, this little epidsode had a fair bit of meaning for me because I’m currently working on developing an info-product in a niche where there is lots of competition (for sale, and for free!!). One of the products is currently selling like hotcakes, and has been for several years (still has a ClickBank gravity of 70 (down from several hundred in the heyday). I bought this product to check it out, and in my frank opinion, it really sucks at what it is trying to accomplish. Do you think the creator cares? He’s making a killing, and it’s all because he has the best sales letter out there (I’ve checked over 15 competitors).

Anyways, it was encouraging to remember that as an internet marketer, even if I don’t end up with the best product out there I can still have a good measure of success, because at the end of the day, it’s all about marketing.

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