I Shall Sing You The Song of My People

Sing the song of my peopleDoes your marketing turn heads?

A picture is worth a thousand words – this one included!

I’ve heard that if you haven’t offended anyone with your marketing, you’re not doing a very good job. Good marketing is truly “sold out” for the cause – you’ve identified your tribe (no puns intended) and you are SUPER relevant to them. The natural outcome of this is that you’re going to annoy and possible anger people outside of your tribe, or herd, as Dan Kennedy likes to call it. But your tribe will love you for being that relevant to them, and will reward you accordingly.

Checkout the caption – “I shall sing you the song of my people” – that’s a tribal type of phrase right?

What about the song? Do you know your target market well enough to know what makes them tick? What makes them laugh, what they talk about, where they hang out, and most importantly, what makes them purchase?

Who is your tribe, what is their song, and are they really “your people?”

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