How to Make Money by Giving Away Your Product For Free

As you might be aware, I’m currently at the Affiliate Incubator seminar in Dallas TX. A few days ago I promised to try to keep you up to date, so here’s my token attempt. Though quite honestly, I would prefer to be implementing ideas right now =). Consider it a sacrifice for your sake.

Although there were many very cool things mentioned today, I thought I would pick one and tell you a bit about it. Russell Brunson talked about how you can give away your product for free, and still make a ton of money doing it. 

About a year ago, I came across this site called Project Payday. Being the sucker I am, I followed it through and bought the product. I noticed at the time they had all kinds of other offers on there, but it wasn’t until Russell pointed it out that I put it all together. They’re using offers from to subsidize, and in all likelihood, outperform the sales revenue of their actual book! Go over there and have a look. 

The idea here is that you come up with an ebook or something else of value, then at the end of the pitch, when you tell them how much it is, you can spring this on them as an alternative: “Or, sign up for one of the following offers and get ______ for free!” So if they go and sign up, they will be redirected back to your thankyou page where they’ll get the free ebook. The beauty is that these cost per action signups will often payout $30 to $40, which in many cases might be double the value of the actual ebook you were trying to sell!  

Immediately after this you can spring an upsell on them as well where you can simply use a better version of your product, ie audio or video or print, and charge twice as much. Here again you can give them the option of getting it free, if they sign up for two offers. 

In this way you can make $80 or more giving away free stuff! How cool is that? In a weak economy, people still want stuff but they are less willing and less able to hand over the money necessary to get it. However, if you give them an alternative in which they only have to spend a few minutes of their time, and then they get what they want for free? Sure some won’t bother. But you can still offer to sell it to them. 

This is a great way to use public domain works or products that won’t sell on their own.

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