Google Adwords’ New Tool – Search Volume

The other day when I logged into my Adwords account I noticed one of those fun alert boxes at the top, advising me that Adwords had a new feature.

Upon further inspection, it appears that Google has finally decided to let people see what sort of search volumes each keyword is getting. This is a great new source of data for internet marketers, who have previously been relying on all sorts of other sources which are then extrapolated to guesstimate total search volume.

For instance, to carry on from my last keyword research post, I’ll use “affiliate marketing” as the keyword again. Previously, if I wanted to research this term I would have gone to the free tool at WordTracker, and punched it in. They give a result of 546 people per day, which is something like 16,000 a month. Now this is only a small percentage of the real searches, so you always need to do some sort of rough extrapolation to figure out where the market was at. I read it was 1% somewhere, so if you multiply by 100 you get 1.6 million searches.

Well, what does Google data say? Google says that approximately 1 million people search for that term every month. So if you throw in Yahoo and Live/MSN the 1.6 million figure is probably in the ball park. Still, isn’t it nice of the big G to give us a sort of semi-firm approximately averaged number for our research?

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