GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club… uh, DISCOUNT?

So a while ago, actually September 29th, 2011 to be exact (I just looked up the receipt) a Godaddy salesrep talked me into joining their Discount Domain Club. Previously I had a reseller account that I was using to save some cash on my domain purchases; however I had discovered that simply using coupons on Godaddy got me better deals than I could get as a reseller. Ok, so ditch the reseller account and move all the domains (yes, manually, including my fishing kayak website, into my main Godaddy account. While doing that, the rep talked me into the discount domain club. So no, I didn’t just randomly answer one of their sales calls, that indeed would have been a waste of time. I actually had a reason to talk to them (they try to phone me every now and then to upsell me on this or that). After all, I’m well aware they like to use sneaky tactics like slip selling.

Ok, so according to their website, the Discount Domain Club does the following for you:

No need to shop around for the best deal. When you’re a Discount Domain Club member, you know you’re getting the lowest price on popular domains, including .COM, .NET, .ORG and more.

Cool, right? Now there’s no more need for remembering all those coupon codes, I can just toss them out the window now, because I’ll be getting the best deal by not looking around for a better one.


Here’s proof. Let’s start with the receipt showing my purchase of the highly esteemed membership in the Discount Domain Club:

Yeah, sorry, I cut off the bit with the date, because that also included my account into and such, but this covers three years worth of exclusive membership rights to the best domain deals on the planet.

Ok, now let’s see how this plays out in reality:

Today I just renewed a few domains, and as you can see, my initial bill came to $92.30.

Keep in mind my esteemed membership in the Discount Domain Club, which guarantees me the best domain deals, without shopping around or looking for coupon codes right?

Ok, well just because I don’t exactly trust Mr Parsons as far as I can throw an elephant, I sneakily decided to test a generic 10% off coupon I found lying around on the web: chill8. Let’s see what happens:

Woops! Does that show a FIVE DOLLAR DISCOUNT now? Hmm, that’s awfully strange. I thought I was guaranteed the best price without shopping around??!

My cynicism piqued, I decided to try an even better coupon that I like to reserve for special occasions. I define special occasions as ones where Bob Parsons gets to buy more than just one new bullet for his gun as a result of my purchase, but Godaddy defines them as transactions where I’m spending more than $75.

That coupon code is gdbb1901 and Godaddy emails it to me inside of every receipt that I get from them. Strange… you’d think that given I belong to the exclusive Discount Domain Club, there’d be no need to mail me further discounts? I guess that slipped past someone.

Ok, here’s what happens when I apply that baby:

Oooh! Now I’m saving $12.49! So much for the $161.98 I blew on the Discount Domain Club, I sure hope those 6 automated Express Domain Name Appraisals that were included are worth something. I haven’t used one yet, but I bet they’re amazing.

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