We Don’t Shoot Elephants – HostGator Jumps on an Opportunity

A few weeks back, news hit the internet that Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy.com had shot an elephant in Africa and was apparently quite proud of the fact. Stepping aside from whether or not that was right or wrong or not, I will say that it created something of a media storm on the internet, and TV as well I think.

They say that all publicity is good publicity, and I guess that must be what Bob is working off here.

Today though I got a little email from HostGator (their monthly newsletter) and in it they took the opportunity to mention Bob’s elephant shooting antics, complete with a link to the video where he is interviewed about this.

They also included this fun little banner:

HostGator Loves Elephants

I’ve got a couple of HostGator reseller accounts where I host most of my websites, and I think they’re great. I also use Godaddy nearly exclusively as my domain registrar, and they’ve been great too. (those are both affiliate links)

The point of today’s post though is taking advantage of current events… exactly how HostGator has done in this instance. They’ve done a great job of poking some further fun at their main competitor, and apparently are cleaning up a bit in the process.

What’s going on in your niche, and are you taking advantage of the big (or little!) newsmakers as an opportunity to remind people of your products and services?

Can’t think of an example? I’ve done it right here… taking some news as an opportunity to slide in my affiliate links. Keep your eyes open, there’s always SOMETHING going on that you can latch onto as a reason to promote.

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