Charting My Traffic – September 2008

Ok… here goes once again. It’s the monthly drill. Anyone read this stuff?

Popularity Indicators
Alexa: 700,607 (down from 637,161)
Google PR: 2 (same as last month)
Technorati Authority: 14 (up from 12), Fans 1
RSS Subscribers: 10 (down from 12)

The Golden Rule
September 2008 Absolute Unique Visitors: 1115 (last month I had 1546)
Pageviews: 2085 (1.28 per visit, down from 1.35 per visit last month)

Inbound Links
Google: 24 (up from 7)
Yahoo: 351+20=371 (spread across and Рsearch engines are slowly consolidating on the www).

Ok, so what’s happening here? Well I think the buzz on the Samsung Instinct is dying off, hence my overall lower numbers. The only real surprise here is that my Google links shot up quite a bit. I guess sometimes it takes a while for them to list things.¬†

The only thing I’ve really done differently this past month from an SEO perspective is that I signed up for Yahoo and MSN’s webmaster tools, and submitted site maps to both of those. Previously I had only used Google’s. Not sure how much that affects things, though I imagine it is a good thing for them to have the sitemap. I love the fact that WordPress will submit it automatically for me though (XML-Sitemap plugin). Until next month…

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