Charting My Traffic: March

I posted on March 20th that I would start tracking my traffic on this blog, as a means of measuring my success at driving free traffic here. Anyways, here are the stats – either for the month of March or as of today, April 3. Please note that I only got Analytics happening around this time, and I didn’t do any promotion prior to this.

Popularity Indicators
Alexa: 6,181,254 (up from 13,952,743!)
Google PR: 0
Technorati Authority: 0
RSS Subscribers: 0

The Golden Rule
March 2008 Absolute Unique Visitors: 143 (last month I had 1!)

Inbound Links
Another metric I’m going to start tracking is inbound links. I’ll assume that I had 0 at the beginning of March, and as I didn’t measure this at the end of March I’ll assume I had about 30 on March 31. I recently started a new tactic which is going to greatly increase my inbound links (Apr 4 – Yahoo:113, Google:0, MSN:0) which I’ll post about soon. I’m using the link popularity tool at

By far the greatest part of my visitors (approx 110) came from one comment I made on Digg one day where I also included the link to my blog. I actually made $1.22 on Adsense that day (from this site). So a few more days like that and I’ll have recovered my costs on the domain anyways. LOL. Good thing I’ve got other things to rely on!

The rest of the visitors mostly came from other sites where I’ve been posting comments, getting involved in the community. This is a slow way of developing traffic, but hopefully it will prove to be higher quality, in terms of finding people that will come and read more than one post, hopefully find something of value here and leave a comment or something.

I’m going to start tracking my progress in ranking for certain terms. This site happens to be #5 on Google for “Jonathan Boettcher” which by most measures is a completely useless term at the moment, so I’ve decided to pick “Affiliate Marketing Tips” as my target phrase for April. I don’t rank at all on any of the engines for this phrase so we’ll see how quickly I can get registered. Initially I thought of “internet marketing” but this is too broad a keyword and there is too much competition for that. Mind you, there will be good competition for this keyword as well, however it is a bit more “niche” so we’ll give that a shot. In addition, I’m planning on putting up some more resources directed towards affiliate marketing in particular.

In other news, last night I upgraded to WordPress 2.5, which went well, and I am excited about some of the new features that are available. Apparently you can get a live traffic chart on your admin panel now. Then all I have to do is get some more traffic!

Until next month…

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