Charting My Traffic – June 2008

Well I just realized it is halfway through July and I still haven’t written my little traffic charting post. I’ve been somewhat neglecting this blog lately, (this is the first time I’ve used that time-honored phrase on this blog) so I’m not sure what we’re going to learn from this post. Nevertheless, here goes.

Popularity Indicators
Alexa: 780,780 (up from 1,291,056)
Google PR: unranked (I heard somewhere PR gets updated quarterly????)
Technorati Authority: 8 (up from 6)
RSS Subscribers: 6 (down from 8)

The Golden Rule
April 2008 Absolute Unique Visitors: 876 (last month I had 353)

Inbound Link
I’m now using the tool found at which seems to give fairly reliable results.

Google: 6
Yahoo: 372 (spread across and

In a different post I talked about my difficulties with having some links coming in on www. and some without. I think I’ve straightened that one out, but it is taking a while for the search engines to correct. I also had about a million absolutely useless links showing in Yahoo, hundreds of them coming from the same two blogs, and I couldn’t even find my link on their page! Some wierd bug in their template I suspect.

Anyways, as you can see, my traffic is generally improving. However, if  you look at the webmaster tools and search results, you see a more full picture. Fact is, probably 90% of my traffic is coming for and leaving on a certain post I did about my Dell XPS 1530 laptop a while back. I had no idea it would be so popular, but it has been drawing a steady 20-30 visitors per day for a few months now. If only some of them would click on an ad or two 😛 then we’d be getting somewhere.

So where does that leave us? Well, I’m still going to keep on plugging away here. I think the trick to getting some good traffic is to get a few posts out there that are really hot. Once you start getting some traffic flowing you get a better opportunity to attract those regular readers.

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