Charting My Traffic – July 2008

Well it’s time once more to do the old “chart the traffic” routine. Not a lot to say, but in the interests of continuity, here it is.

Popularity Indicators
Alexa: 795,166 (up from 780,780)
Google PR: 2 (up from 0!) I just noticed this today!
Technorati Authority: 9 (up from 8), Fans 1
RSS Subscribers: 11 (up from 6)

The Golden Rule
July 2008 Absolute Unique Visitors: 835 (last month I had 876)
Pageviews: 1059 (1.27 per visit)

Inbound Links
I’m now using the tool found at which seems to give fairly reliable results.

Google: 3
Yahoo: 485 (spread across and

Traffic dropped just slightly from last month, though it is fairly constant lately. I was pleased to see a jump from 0 to 2 on the PageRank – I’ve been waiting to see something happen on that front for quite a few months now, and it is nice to see a return. I’m still not sure exactly what that means in terms of rankings – is it something that helps, or is it just an indicator of where you’re already at?

In general I haven’t been putting much effort into this blog during the summer, with only the odd posts here and there. However, I am planning on attending the Affiliate Incubator seminar in September, so plan on reading lots about that on here. Hopefully I can start attracting more of the people interested in affiliate marketing instead of in my laptop ;). Hey, for now, its still traffic and I’ll take it. Every now and then I make 10 cents in advertising off it, so whatever.

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