Charting My Traffic – January 2009

I just realized I was halfway through February and I’d forgotten to mention January’s traffic. Probably because it’s not much to speak of. Nevertheless, I did decide I was going to do it every month, so here goes.

Popularity Indicators
Alexa: 796,652 (down from 752,548)
Google PR: 3
Technorati Authority: 10, Fans 1
RSS Subscribers: 20 (up from 18)

The Golden Rule
January 2008 Absolute Unique Visitors: 882 (Dec was 1044)
Pageviews: 1069 (1.24 per visit)

Inbound Links
Google: 14
Yahoo: 658 (up from 597 last month)

So there you have it. I checked and that’s the 12th traffic post. I started this blog at the beginning of February last year. 9497 people have read stuff on this site, so I guess that’s kind of cool. I’ve been in some sort of contact with nearly 10,000 people through this site in one year. I think I’ve made a buck or two on Adsense, though I’ve only put it on a couple of posts, and for only a little while. To be quite honest, I’ve been focusing mostly on other stuff – this isn’t a money making venture.

What’s Next?

Going forward, I might keep on doing this traffic thing, but probably only every three months, possibly six.

I’m gradually working on redoing the site. New theme with a more helpful layout. I’ve decided to start offering updates via Aweber, and you can see the sign up form on the right. We’ll see, that might replace my feedburner.

I think I’m also going to try to identify a topic that will be useful to visitors here and create a short report on that.

So that’s basically the scoop as we stand here at 1 year. Cheers.

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