Charting My Traffic – August 2008

Well it’s time once more to do the old “chart the traffic” routine. Is anyone out there listening?? LOL. 

Popularity Indicators
Alexa: 637,161 (improved from 795,166)
Google PR: 2 (same as last month)
Technorati Authority: 12 (up from 9), Fans 0 (guess I pissed someone off ={)
RSS Subscribers: 12 (up from 11)

The Golden Rule
August 2008 Absolute Unique Visitors: 1546 (last month I had 835)
Pageviews: 2085 (1.35 per visit, up from 1.27 per visit last month)

Inbound Links
I’m now using the tool found at which seems to give fairly consistent results, if not super accurate.

Google: 7 (up from 3)
Yahoo: 363+54=417 (spread across and

Overall traffic has nearly doubled from last month, which is cool. 45 people per day is pretty much average now. Unfortunately, the majority of that traffic goes to three posts, all of which are not internet marketing related. Guess I’m still trying to find my place here =). 

My Alexa ranking is improving slowly, my goal now is to see it under 500,000 by Christmas. It seems to get harder and harder the lower you go, which makes sense. 

One little bright spot is in the pageviews per visitor stat. There’s been a small improvement since last month (1.27 to 1.35). I think part of that might be due to the fact that I recently installed a plugin called Yet Another Related Post Plugin which automatically pulls up related posts and inserts them just below the current post. You’ll see it in action if you just scroll down a few lines from here, just above the comments. The idea is that even if the visitor found your page in the search engines, you likely have other stuff they’re interested in, but wouldn’t take the time to look for. I know I rarely take the time to dig deep into someone’s blog without being enticed in some way. This plugin provides the enticement factor, and hopefully people spend a few more minutes on your site. 

See you next month 😉

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