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Reviews of various ebooks, software etc that I have come across.

SEOPressor Review & Conclusions

I’ve been using SEOPressor for several months now, since just after it was released, and I thought it was about time for me to do a proper SEOPressor review.

To start with, I’ll go over what SEOPressor does, and then we’ll get to what I think of it.

If you’re really impatient and want to get started on your own, you can get SEOPressor here.

SEOPressor Features

SEOPressor ScoreAt the heart of SEOPressor is the SEOPressor Scoreboard, which you’ll see as a widget in your Add New Post page in WordPress. When you start a new post or page, the scoreboard looks like the image on the right. At this point I haven’t yet told the plugin what keyword we’re trying to optimize around, so it can’t compute any sort of score.

SEOPressor At WorkAs I start building the post, and enter in a keyword to target, you’ll see the Score panel changes.

I just went ahead and did that, for this post, and Saved the Draft in order for the plugin to re-calculate, and you can see that basically as of this paragraph, the plugin is giving me a rating of 54.44% for the keyword SEOPressor. That number is in green, because it’s over 50% (a good thing). You’ll also see that the Keyword Density is calculated for you, and in this case, I’m way high, at 6.77%. That tells me immediately I need to add some extra text to thin things out!

Below that, SEOPressor has a very cool checklist of various items it has either confirmed you’re ok on, or is flagging that you need to address.

Is SEOPressor Magic?

The real power in this SEO plugin for WordPress isn’t anything magic; it is simply that it gives you a visual way to see how well you’re doing the SEO fundamentals. People (well, me especially, but people in general) love scores, stats and figures – even more so when they change in front of their very eyes in response to a small change.

Get SEOPressor Here

So how cool is it when you can go back and make a subtitle an H3 and gain 5% in your SEO score? We’re talking simple changes here, but simple changes that make a real, measurable impact.

In addition to forcing the user to make changes, SEOPressor adds a couple subtle touches of it’s own – things like bolding, italicizing, or underlining one of your keywords. These are minor changes of course, but they can have an impact. You can also setup the plugin to add alternate tags to your post images automatically, which can be quite helpful in some situations. Another thing you can do is signup with YEAH! Local they will show you the results that you are looking for with an SEO company.

My Results With SEOPressor

I’ll admit it right off the top here, I’m as close to addicted to WordPress plugins as you can get. I’m always snapping up the latest plugin, because I know how simple they make things for me. That being said, if the plugin doesn’t provide some sort of sustainable value, then I usually toss it and move along.

SEOPressor proved itself within the first couple weeks of use, for me. Although I’m not going to give you specific sites or keywords, I will tell you that within 2 weeks of using SEOPressor to optimize some existing posts on one of my sites, I saw several of those break through onto the first page. We’re talking very minor, non-competitive terms here, but this represents progress nonetheless, and required NOTHING other than a few minutes with SEOPressor to get these results.

I’ve since gone back to nearly all of my sites and installed SEOPressor, because I do see the value in using it – everywhere. I also have replicated these results with FAR more competitive terms, however in those instances much more than just good on-page SEO was required.

Nevertheless, with SEOPressor showing you a high score (I typically aim for 60% to 80% on most posts, 80% and up if I’m REALLY trying to nail something) you’re fairly well guaranteed that your on-page SEO is as good as you’re going to get it within reason.

Get SEOPressor Here

My SEOPressor Compaints

SEOPressor is truly great at evaluating the post content… however that’s where it ends. In my humble opinion, the plugin could be made that much better if they would make it look at the following additional factors:

  • Meta description
  • Meta keyword tags
  • Post title

These are not currently considered by SEOPressor. Take the post title for instance. Nearly every WP theme gives the post title an H2 tag, therefore if your post title includes your keyword (and it SHOULD!) then you’ve already got an H2 keyword on your page… just not within the body.

Additionally, meta data is still important for SEO – even if it no longer carries quite the importance that it used to, and even then, not all search engines treat that data the same way, so there’s no excuse for ignoring it. I guess the issue here is widespread use of third-party SEO plugins, and having to look in a lot of different fields to find that data, rather than just in the post content, however that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

SEOPressor Conclusion

All told, SEOPressor is one of the very few premium WordPress plugins I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone interested in improving their search engine rankings. It takes a mostly-misunderstood subject and applies good practices in an extremely easy to use and intuitive manner. You don’t have to be an SEO whizbang to benefit from SEOPressor, though newbies and advanced users alike will enjoy this plugin.

Bottom line is if you use WordPress very often, and you’re in internet marketing in any capacity, then SEOPressor is one plugin you need to have in your arsenal.

Get SEOPressor Here

Stomping the Search Engines II for Free!

StomperNet sorted out their technical glitch.

They’re live.

It’s free.

What’s not to like?

Go check it out!

Stomping the Search Engines II is a DVD course that will teach you how Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins turned their web businesses into multi-millions per month businesses! Talk about SEO!

I just ordered my copy – the total came to $11.56 for shipping to Canada. Talk about a deal.

Anyways, this is one product that I think really has potential to teach me to do some damage out there. I’m excited because I’m currently in the midst of promoting my webstore, selling physical products, and that is exactly how Brad and Andy cut their teeth in the internet. Physical products. Brad sells wedding favours. $22 million a year’s worth. I don’t know what Andy does, but it’s along the same lines. A lot of the stuff you come across these days is geared towards info products etc.

Stomping the Search Engines works for info products, for physical products, for everything. From what I’ve heard it is a master’s degree in SEO, and selling online.

If you’re still skeptical, wait till I get my copy, and I’ll tell you all about it. However, if you can afford $11.56, you might want to just get onboard now!

Go check it out!

StomperNet: Stomping the Search Engines 2 for FREE!

During StomperNet’s last launch, when they re-opened StomperNet, I watched with great anticipation as it got closer to the opening hour, not sure what the price was, but reading and absorbing every scrap that was written about it. I’d never really heard of StomperNet until I started getting guru after guru emailing me for days on end, and then I figured out there must be something to it. I quickly found out it had a cult following. 

So I followed the launch, right up to the launch date. 

Only to realize it cost $800 PER MONTH to get in! Now, I’m doing fairly well online, but I don’t think I can chuck that kind of bling around at the drop of a hat. I know, there’s the big argument of “but what if it produces much more than that?” well, yeah. Sure. There’s always that. 

Anyways, I didn’t go for it, and they clsoed the doors. I was shutout forever once more. 

Until today. 

I started getting emails again about Stomping the Search Engines 2 (STSE2), and one of them had a price tag mentioned of $497. Delete.

Then one mentioned it was completely free. That kind of got my attention.

Anyways, I ended up checking out Brad and Andy’s sales page, and sure enough, it is pretty compelling. These guys don’t really miss when they aim for something. It seems like they always deliver, and it seems like have quite a loyal fan base as well. 67+ millionaires and counting from the first product? That is pretty impressive. 

Did I mention this was free? The trick here is that they are giving you a $497 product, a complete DVD tutorial on SEO from the top minds in the world, for free. All you need to do is pay for the shipping and handling, and sign up for their Net Effect Journal, which you can cancel at any time; even before you get the second copy if you wish. 

I currently subscribe to the DotComSecrets monthly magazine, and Dan Kennedy’s newsletter, and I recently tried Mike Filsaime’s Best Damn Newsletter as well (though I canceled it due to overlap). StomperNet is releasing a journal though! Notice my word choice… newsletter, magazine, journal. These are all quite unique, and that is what each one is. The Net Effect is a 45 page journal on very advanced SEO topics, written by the StomperNet team, which is of course, world class. It’s going to be the same price as the newsletter I get from Dan Kennedy. Seems like a pretty good deal. 

Anyways, I’m going to be slapping down my shipping and handling fee pretty quickly (they’ve delayed the launch until Sept 4th due to technical issues), and then I’ll be waiting anxiously to see what shows up in the mail. I hope it arrives before I head to Mexico next week so I have some reading material!

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll know that I don’t mind giving crappy products a hard time. However, on the flip side I want to give kudos where it is due. That’s the purpose of a trusted recommendation, right?

TAKEAWAY: If you haven’t checked out Stomping the Search Engines 2, you really should. You can’t lose. It’s free!

Trusted Gurus – Do They Exist?

I was searching for something online today (I can’t even remember what) and somehow I came across I read the (non)sales letter and signed up for their forum (its free, they’re not actually selling anything).

It looks like a great idea. The premise is that the forum members will comment and vote on “trusted gurus” in various industries. The only people allowed to vote are those who have actually purchased a product from a guru, and are thus qualified to properly and impartially review it.

Currently the only gurus that are listed belong to the internet marketing industry.

The reason this site caught my attention was partially because the post I recently wrote about Google Snatch 2.0, and how I was quite disappointed with it, was still quite fresh in my mind. A site that provides a trusted, impartial, third party opinion as to the credibility of these gurus could be quite valuable to those of us who habitually (compulsively? hmm… fodder for a different post) spend thousands each year on info materials.

The site is not selling anything at all, has no affiliate links, and is not out to make a profit in any shape or form. You can read it all on their homepage. Their sole purpose is to bring some credibility to some of these guys out there. I think the more people that get involved with this project, the better it will become.

Are there any “gurus” that you trust implicitly? Meaning you’d buy pretty much anything they came out with, without even reading the sales letter, you just knew it would be that good? How about people you would avoid at all costs? If so, please leave a comment below.

Currently there aren’t that many people active on the forum, but I’m sure it is growing, and I think the idea is a valid one. Why don’t you go check it out?

Google Snatch 2.0 A Bust?

Well it’s about time for my monthly “I got suckered into it” review. This month we’re talking about Google Snatch 2.0 – a new ebook of ways to sucker punch Google by denying them your credit card. Fair enough, so it is about free traffic, but really, books such as these don’t give Google the shaft so much as encourage the market in general to get on board with Google’s bandwagon. Sure they won’t make the money, but they’re achieving their market / search organization goals. I digress.

So I purchased a copy of Google Snatch 2.0 ($67), and the upsell afterwards ($47). I guess the main reason I caved on it is that it had a good sales letter, and I tend to start paying more attention after about 8 different marketers email me about the same product. I figure there’s gotta be something behind the madness.

Latif claims that he’s making seven figures a year from these tactics. That’s a pretty tall claim, even in this age of nouveau riche. He also claims in the sales letter that he’s been to $10,000 seminars and left feeling like he’d heard it all already from free ebooks. Very likely. Unfortunately, I was thinking the same thing about his product.

The Free Click Formula 3.0 is presented as basically THE answer to getting free traffic. It sounds like a step by step process, ie a formula. Having read through the ebook, I can tell you that for the most part it was a very good overview of the different ways to gain traffic on the net these days. Yes, he doesn’t require you to spend a dime on traffic; however he doesn’t really dig into the nitty gritty or give unique ideas for how to implement the things he talks about.

I was recently on a webinar with Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren. Stu covered a similar batch of topics, but everything he said was just bursting with a unique “gotcha” spin on things; he was using the methods in ways I hadn’t thought of or heard before. Latif unfortunately spends a lot of time just explaining what things are, not how you can really explode your business using them.

What topics are covered? Here’s a sampling: (this is NOT the table of contents, just some of the topics covered).

– Domain names
– Basic SEO
– Directory Submission
– Keyword Research
– Calls to Action
– List Building
– Blogging
– Social Media
– Video Marketing
– Audio Marketing

Most of the sections are fairly generic. A lot of time is spent talking about WordPress, and I’m assuming that you readers probably already know and use WordPress on your own. Therefore, this whole section is a bit redundant, except for a pretty good list of plugins and resources. However, these are available for free with a couple minutes of searching as well.

The section on RSS, for example, starts of by spending quite a bit of time telling you what it is, then explains things like RSS syndication. There is even one section in there on how to setup your own RSS Aggregator in Microsoft Outlook. I was looking for key marketing intel, and I get an Outlook how-to? That’s a bit offside.

To be fair, there is quite a lot of information in there, and in general I would say it is a good “survey of the kingdom” type of ebook. It talks about many of the different ways that are popularly being used these days to generate traffic for free, but without really delving into how truly powerful many of these are, and the unique ways you can use them against your competitors. I was left feeling like this was a gradeschool handbook, whereas I’m always on the lookout for the Master’s level stuff. Oh well. Misplaced expectations.

So why do I go to the trouble to write all this down, when most people are raving about how great this is and then giving their links for you to purchase from? Well because unless you’re completely new to internet marketing, I honestly think you could do better for your money. As I mentioned earlier, I learned more on a one hour call (did I mention it was free?) with Russell and Stu than in the entire 165 page Free Click Formula 3.0 and they both claimed to cover roughly the same thing.

If you’ve purchased Google Snatch 2 or if you have other comments that are relevant, I’d love to hear them.