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Scamworld: Watch this

As someone who has been on the receiving end of the boiler rooms, the live seminars, the mentoring programs and all the rest of it… never once making making back 5% of what I “invested” I can certify the stuff they’re exposing in this 15 minute video is the real deal.

For me personally, the biggest breakthrough came in my own business when I consciously started shutting out all the ‘gooroos’ and started working on building a business founded on the same fundamentals that have always made businesses work, not on the latest scheme. I did get a mentor, but a personal one that I work with directly – not a ‘program’ – and that has been hugely beneficial, to this day.

In short, what I am saying is if you still look at the Frank Kern’s and the Andy Jenkin’s of this world with rose colored glasses, then you really need to consider what is being put forward in this video. The Internet Marketing industry has a deep vein of corruption in it, and while there are a few honest guys out there, they are few and far between, and far less vocal than the Syndicate.

Enough said, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Please leave your comments – positive OR negative below. I believe it’s important to get the discussion started on this topic.

Once you’re through with the movie, here’s more depth recommended reading.

The 10 Cent Lead Gen Scheme

The other day I got a sweet email from PayPal telling me I had just received money from iSocial Academy. 10 Whole Cents worth of money!

So anyways, I opened the email, and here’s what it said:

Now I love making 10 cents of real money as much as the next guy – it always gives me a nice warm feeling deep down in the cockles of my heart.

However, although receiving Brad’s email truly was effortless, I failed to see how clicking on his link and then sitting staring at my computer for the next three hours is going to replicate those results, even once so I rather spend my time to learn how CSGO’s ranking system works with boosting sites online like to get ELO Boost for my video games. My razor-sharp acumen further reasoned that by then I would have not only not spent any effort, but I would have completely LOST the effort I could have spent on something else that would actually have made me money.

Nevertheless, always keen to test out new fringe economic theories, I compliantly clicked on his link, only to find a video on the other side where Brad introduces his latest best friend to us – a certain Austin Walsh who I’ve never heard of before. (Doesn’t mean much, I often joke that I live under a rock)

Okay, 6 minutes of my life is now gone, and yet still that e-dime hasn’t resurfaced.

Now I’m into it for 7 minutes of my life – and so far I’ve made 10 red cents (except not quite. I’d have preferred if Brad had actually sent the 10 pennies, as that would have been worth more.) I had that sinking feeling that was all I was ever going to see from this experiment in fringe economics, despite further investments of time.

So, like any rationale netizen, I decided to blog about it. (queue the music)

And thus we get to the serious part of today’s discussion…

How much is a lead worth to you?

In Brad’s case, it seems a lead is worth 10 cents. But he’s a head honcho in the IM industry, with plenty of connections, so I guess he gets better rates than I do. You see, in my own business, a lead costs me much, much more than that.

Incidentally, the leads I’m talking about (in my own business) are worth less to me than the 10 cent person Brad is hoping to catch.

You see, he’s not only hoping to catch a sale – he’s hoping to recruit an affiliate who will bring lots and lots of sales!

For just a sale, Brad might have stooped to sending only say, two or three cents.

But to catch those big fish… the affiliates he’d love to have on his B-Team… he’s willing to put out 10 whole cents of real money.

Turns out Aaron Wall (a legitimate big fish – I mean that in the nicest sense of the term) was also recently valued at 10 cents, so I feel I’m good company.

So my question to you is this: What would YOU spend to attract a targeted lead? Further.. what would YOU spend to attract a JV partner capable of sending you dozens or even hundreds of sales?

Can I Use EasyAzon for Autoblogging?

There is a fairly persistent segment of the internet marketing community that is enamored with autoblogs, and I must admit that I’ve tried my hand at them from time to time as well. I’ve made a few bucks off of autoblogs, and I know you can generate some decent traffic using them.

Amazon AutobloggingThe Amazon affiliate program is probably one of the best programs for autobloggers, because using their API you can easily pull product feeds and slap them right into your website. Product picture, price, buy button, description, reviews – the whole shebang.

The only problem with this is that by copying Amazon’s content straight up, you’re leaving yourself hugely exposed to any changes in the Google algorithm.

For instance, in the most recent (and hugely infamous) Panda update, Google has cracked down on duplicate content (albiet in a very incoherent and inconsistent manner).

Where does that leave websites that are chalk full of duplicate Amazon content?

Personally, I’ve noticed some of my sites that were in this boat have sunk; while others (that’s the inconsistency) have managed to keep their rankings.

The longer I’m involved in the internet marketing game (let’s call it what it is), the more my resolve deepens to build quality websites and stay away from quick and easy make money tricks.

To that end, for some time now, I’ve abandoned the Amazon autoblogging strategy in favor of unique, quality content written specifically for that site. I hired a writer in the Phillipines, and that is all he does all day; write content for my Amazon sites. He goes to the Amazon listing, reads it, summarizes the product description and reviews, and cranks out a good unique 300-400 word article on that product. Using SEOPressor, each article comes out with a high score and typically has a good chance of ranking.

Then, using EasyAzon, he is able to very quickly insert my affiliate links and product images into each post.

The great part is, he never has to login or even have access to my affiliate account in order to build content and links on my behalf. EasyAzon does all that part for him.

Selling Amazon Products on WordPress With EasyAzon

EasyAzonSelling Amazon products on a WordPress platform has never been easier for bloggers than with the introduction of EasyAzon, Chris Guthrie’s new plugin.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to diversify my income streams – I absolutely hate relying on a single income stream for my business. Are you heavy into Adsense? Google is infamous for banning accounts just because some 1 or 0 doesn’t line up in their algorithm. Heavy into a particular affiliate offer? Depending on the network, I’ve seen campaigns get swiped, robbed or simple cut off at a moment’s notice. It’s happened to me before, and I’m not the only one.

So diversification is really the name of the game in internet marketing.

Selling Amazon products offers a couple ways to diversify your income. For starters, you’re adding a new affiliate account, and it is always nice to get checks from an additional source.

However, just as importantly, the sheer breadth of products that are available on Amazon allows you to easily diversify the markets that you’re active in as well. Some of the niches I’m in are seasonal, so it is great to have the ability to develop websites that counter each other from that perspective. For instance, if you’re selling umbrellas and sunscreen, you’re going to hedge yourself against an extra rainy season, or an extra sunny season.

I use WordPress for every single site that I build these days, and EasyAzon makes adding Amazon products into your posts a snap. You can read my full EasyAzon review here.

In brief, some of my favorite aspects of EasyAzon are:

  • No html coding required
  • Easy access to Amazon products from your post edit screen
  • Very straightforward to use
  • No real footprints are left on your site

If you’ve got any WordPress sites that are currently promoting Amazon products, I’d highly recommend checking out EasyAzon.

The True Guru Marketing Strategy

Salty Droid

I don’t consider myself to be as naive as most in the internet marketing crowd appear to be these days, though I’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. After all, back in the day, Google Cash is the make money ebook that got my ball rolling to start with.

That said, until quite recently I had at least a semblance (and in some cases, a bit more than that) of respect for the likes of StomperNet, Kern & Co and some of the other big names in our industry.

That was until I was introduced to the Salty Droid. Yes, it is indeed quite salty, but at the same time, a bit of an eye opener. Regardless of what you may think of the Droid himself, his writing style, or his caustic method of name-calling, you can’t really argue too much with the PDFs he’s posted of actual legal documents that reveal some of the goings-on behind the scenes at StomperNet. Feel free to read for yourself, if you’re bored or interested. It’s not really the thrust of this post.

All that got me to thinking though. These gooroos, when was the last time you saw them running a PPC campaign? How about out-seoing each other for top spot in one of the launches? Nope, the only action you see from them is via their list.

These guys have built up massive lists, mostly back in the heyday, and now their prime contribution to the internet marketing niche is their ability to drive traffic via their list to whatever offer they choose.

Which got me to thinking… what’s the real winning strategy in internet marketing?

Well, you might say it is SEO, or PPC, or PPV, CPV, or some other acronym with a couple hundred dollar price tag, but in reality the winning strategy is having a list, and knowing what to do with it. Add to that having your own product.

The best education you can get from these gooroos is to watch them rather than transact with them.

At the end of the day, your long term security comes from having a list. Google can slap you silly, but they can’t take your list. Perhaps an affiliate manager dumps you – still they can’t take your list. It doesn’t really matter what kind of nasties come your way, if you can hang onto your list, and maintain a trustworthy connection with them, then you will be ok, long term.

Sure, there are many different means of listbuilding. I’ve chosen PPC primarily for my own, because it is *fairly* dependable. Ideal? No, free would be nice. But SEO is a wizardry that I’ve yet to master, and in the meantime, I’ve got PPC. Perhaps you choose JV traffic, or something else. But build yourself a list.

Next up, have a product. Having your own list puts cards in your hand. Having your own product(s) gives you jokers. Or aces. Or whatever is good in your game of choice.

If you look closely, this is the true strategy that the gooroos are using. They’ve got products, and they’ve got lists. Between those two things, their methods vary slightly, but that is the basic idea. You can bet your bottom dollar they didn’t get rich by gaming the system with some new-fangled software that now rules the interwebz. Afterall – how often have you even seen them using these tactics they flaunt so frequently?

Ok, time for review:

Build a list, get a product. Order is not important.