Blogging for Traffic

I’ve been coming across a fair bit of information lately about how people use blogging to generate traffic. This currently being my only blog, and currently having next to no visitors (yeah, it kinda keeps my in my place <`_`>) I figure this is a perfect place to experiment with some of those techniques. I recently attended a webinar by Chris Sandberg over at DotComSecrets and he was talking about a few methods I’m going to try to put in place.

Basically the most important things are content quality and consistency, paired with a good linking strategy. The content part is going to definitely be a work in progress as I consider myself pretty low on the expertise pole here, however I think I can swing that to my benefit by discussing the different things I come across. Being an active student of internet marketing I usually find myself with more to read than I really have time for. One goal therefore will be to regularly evaluate and discuss things I learn and put some thoughts up here for discussion (for all you people that will soon be swarming to my amazing blog!).

The second part of what Chris was saying had to do with linking. For me this was a bit of an eye-opener as I always kind of wondered in the back of my head how to get traffic here without advertising the site. I’ve told a few close friends about this blog, especially if they’ve been looking for information to get started themselves; however I was wondering how to break that whole 1-2 visitors a month phenomenon. (My other sites thus far rely on paid advertising so this is a good experiment in free traffic). Anyways, in essence the goal is to find similar blogs to your own through resources like Google’s Blog Search or Technorati and then get involved by posting comments on posts they’ve written. Make sure you can leave your site address on there somewhere, so you essentially get a link back to your own site, hopefully in context with your site-related comment (which I’ve heard is good SEO practice).

The other thing you can do is use track backs to your advantage. By linking to another persons’s blog in your own post, WordPress can create trackbacks, where the other blog owner is essentially notified that you’ve linked to their site, and it even shows up on their page in lieu of a comment. Both of these techniques get you links on other sites, and links are good for SEO and they are good for leading people to your site from elsewhere!

One Response to Blogging for Traffic
  1. Chris Sandberg
    March 19, 2008 | 8:45 pm

    Hey Congratulations. You got my attention. I admire how quickly you implemented what you learned. I’m sure given time your blog will be a success, considering you are an action taker.