Affiliate Incubator: To Sum It Up

I’ve spent the last three days drinking from the proverbial firehose at Affiliate Incubator. I think I’ve learned more in the last three days than in the previous year about internet marketing. While many different things were talked about, and I took a lot away from each presentation, I think the one over-riding concept that I’m taking away from this is the fact that I need to define my business, my ‘napkin concept.’ Pick a model and run with it. I’ve been trying so many different things that I by default get pulled too many different directions to really make any breakthroughs in any of those areas.

So I’ve decided to really buckle down and conquer affiliate marketing. There’s a fairly straightforward formula that I’ll likely share here in the coming weeks. It takes affiliate marketing far beyond anything I’ve done in the past, and I’m excited to get rolling with it.

The other big take away that I’d read about and thought about previously was creating systems for my business. However, hearing the degree to which Russell Brunson has implemented this into his business kind of blew my mind. It really inspired me to start doing this, even as I’m mastering my chosen targets, to be systemizing them so that ultimately I don’t have to do the work.

My fire hose drenched mind is a little tapped right now, however, stay tuned. In the coming weeks as I start to implement this stuff, I’ll begin talking about it here as well.

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