Affiliate Incubator on the Horizon…

Vacations are great things. Last year when I went to Ontario I read the Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris, which proved to be the catalyst for quitting my day job and going into business on my own, a few months later. 

I just got back from a week in Puerto Vallarta (Had a great time by the way – thanks for asking!) and while I was there I had a chance to read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, (I recommend it for anyone who owns their own business – required reading) and I’ve been realizing that I don’t really have a business strategy or goal. So far I’ve been sort of dallying in whatever strikes my fancy, so I’m currently going in about 4 different directions. A couple directions are making money, and one is seriously absorbing money (though I’ve got high hopes for it) and in general I’ve been left with the feeling (from the book) that I need to sit down and do some re-considering; find out which direction I want to go with the business and start going about it strategically. 

This week I’m going to be attending the Affiliate Incubator seminar in Dallas, TX with Stu MacLaren and Russell Brunson. I know there are a lot of great guys that will be presenting there, and I’m hoping that from some of the things I’ll learn there I’ll be able to better form a vision for my business and then supply some of the tools needed to get me on my way. 

I imagine it will be a busy few days (Thursday to Saturday) but I’m hoping to post about it while there. That good intention could of course become a victim of unforeseen circumstances, but if you’re interested, stay tuned this week and I’ll try to give you the inside scoop on what’s going on in Dallas!

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