My name is Jonathan Boettcher and I decided to start this blog to chronicle my journeys through internet entrepreneurship. Back in 2004 I had just graduated from university (studied Business) and I was pulling out my hair looking for a job. You’d think there would be no shortage of jobs right? Right… Anyhow I came across an ebook called GoogleCash, bought it, and launched myself into the internet marketing scene. With no job at the time I poured seemingly every waking hour into this for the next few weeks, started about 15 different ad campaigns, built a website, and mostly did TONS of reading online. A couple weeks after that I got an offer out of the blue to work in Liberia (West Africa) for a year, so I jumped at it. I did a tough analysis of my ad campaigns, realized all my profits were coming from only one, killed the rest and let the winner fend for itself on auto pilot.

Liberia was a totally different experience for many reasons not relevant to this blog, however suffice it to say that it was a great, unforgettable experience that didn’t leave me a lot of time to run a web based business. However, I still managed to dabble with it every few months making a few bucks on the side. Some time after I got back I decided to revive my efforts, and pretty soon had a profitable campaign running again. In the summer of 2007, while on vacation I read a great book called the “4 Hour Work Week.” A great deal of thoughtful introspection ensued and two months later I gave notice to my boss that I was going into business on my own.

Most recently, I’ve founded Smart Fusion Marketing Inc. in an effort to help businesses improve their marketing in Abbotsford BC. Many small businesses have paid huge amounts of money for a website that does little more than tell the public where their store is; it doesn’t produce revenue for them, and it certainly isn’t a key part of their marketing strategy. At Smart Fusion we’re going to change that, and bring profitability to those sites, by fusing online and offline marketing strategies. Through Smart Fusion I also consult with business and product owners on how they can develop a web presence and an online sales strategy.

Additionally, I’m still involved in affiliate marketing, and have recently started creating and selling some of my own info-products.

If you’d like to contact me you can email me at jonathan(at)jonathanboettcher.com. Alternatively, you can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.



PS: A thought for the wise… “Never Give Up!”

Don’t Give Up!