A New Year’s Resolution

Well, Happy New Year everyone! 

I guess now is as good a time as any to make some resolutions for the coming year. If you read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll notice that I’ve not been exactly prolific in my posts. Unfortunately, I seem to have fallen into a bit of a business funk over the last couple months or so. My biggest client shut down their online activities due to the recession, so I’ve been trying a few different things, but nothing has really taken off. 

This blog is supposed to be about the ups AND downs of internet marketing, so you’re getting a bit of a taste of the down part here. 

Like many people involved in internet marketing, I’ve long recognized a form of “enterprenurial ADD” in myself. I love starting projects; it is exciting getting something new off the ground, but then the daily monotony and routine of following through on that project shortly dampens the excitement and before I know it I’m on to something bigger and better. 

This leads to a bit of a portfolio of half or poorly implemented projects. 

So where am I going with this?

Well I recently came across an hour long audio (available for free at ReplaceMyself.com). It sat on my desktop through Christmas, and I finally sat down to listen to it today. As I’m sure  you’ve guessed, it is about outsourcing. 

He made some excellent points (you’ll have to listen for yourself though) which made me thing about outsourcing in a slightly different way. I’ve talked about it before, but my role as a business owner needs to be as an information systemizer. I should be able to learn something, systemize it, then turn over the daily management of that process to someone else. At least, that’s what should be happening. LOL. 

Anyways, John tells people where to get access to cheaper rates than I’d seen elsewhere ($250-400 a month for a full time worker). Because that is roughly half of what AgentsofValue is charging, it caught my attention. 

I figured if I got someone to follow through, or better yet, start and finish, projects for me, they should be able to at least pay for themselves within a month. Worst case scenario I would lose that month’s pay entirely. 

The Resolution

So here’s my New Years’ Resolution. Hire a Phillipino and at least give the full time outsource gig a decent shot. The grand total extent of what I have to lose would be less than $500 – and that would only be the case if ALL 160 hours of work were a complete, total, utter loss and write off. That’s the worst case scenario. 

Best case scenario, this turns out to be extremely liberating, making my own use of time more efficient and effective, and giving my business a new shot of adrenaline. 

With that kind of upside, a $500 absolute worst case scenario loss doesn’t seem that unpalatable. 

Stay tuned for how this works out. The only thing stopping me will be laziness itself, because I can’t think of any other rational reason to stay out. 

Happy New Year!


5 Responses to A New Year’s Resolution
  1. Deanna Keahey
    January 7, 2009 | 1:46 pm

    Jonathan, I can sure sympathize with that entrepreneurial ADD! I think I’ve got a touch of that myself. (-:

    I’ve been working with a VA in the Phillipines who I found on Elance, and she’s worked out quite well. The rate is higher than you mention, though, so I might check out your source too, and see how that works. It’s also possible to pay a little more for the more sensitive tasks, and give the least-critical to somebody else.

    Good luck with your experiment, and I’ll be looking forward to reading how it turns out!

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  2. Jonathan
    January 7, 2009 | 5:05 pm

    Hi Deanna, the site he recommends most is bestjobs.ph – I think you need to pay $35 a month or something to actually contact people through there, but its free to browse resumes. If you sign up for this guy’s offer he gives you free access.

  3. AskYourPC.com
    January 10, 2009 | 4:04 pm

    “I figured if I got someone to follow through, or better yet, start and finish, projects for me, they should be able to at least pay for themselves within a month. Worst case scenario I would lose that month’s pay entirely. ” true that true that

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  4. Hunter
    March 1, 2009 | 12:04 pm

    I have a bestjob.ph newbie question for you that I can’t seem to find an answer to. When filling out my first job offer, it asks for ‘city/town’ and ‘location’. Who’s city is it referring to, mine or the employees, and if it’s the employees, does it really matter?

    And for the ‘location’, it lists ‘nationwide’, ‘abroad’ and all the Philippine cities. It that referencing where the job IS or where they need to work FROM? I’m not really sure and I don’t want to mislead anyone.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.


    p.s. Thanks for all your great advice on your site.

  5. Jonathan
    March 6, 2009 | 3:14 pm

    Hunter – I never actually used that feature.

    I’d recommend just leaving anything about location blank, then in the posting make sure its clear that you’re a foreign company and expect them to work from home. I think you’d be alright with that.


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