5 Cool Ways to Use Quantcast – the Marketer’s Goldmine

I recently heard no less than three different people mention how valuable they had found Quantcast.com to be in their market research, so this afternoon when I had a few minutes to burn I figured I would check it out. I was surprised to see some of my own sites on there with detailed demographic information! It was amazing! 

Pretty soon I was typing in competitor sites, supplier sites the whole works. This blog is a little too insignificant for the likes of Quantcast, so I can’t use it as an example, but just for fun, I’ll use Russell Brunson’s site, DotComSecrets.com. 

Check out the Quantcast demographics here

Immediately, you can see that 54% of visitors are Male. Ok. Pretty even. But wait a second, the next one down shows that the huge majority of visitors are 35-49 and older! That should be some useful information! We then find out that about 77% earn less than 60k per year. 

Understanding your target market is not only important, it is crucial. I recently figured out that 62% of the traffic to a particular health product I was promoting was female, although there are supplements that can be used by anyone like the ones from healthyusa. So, because I was just about to revamp the auto responder anyways, I decided to write it catering more towards a female audience. It’s a bit early to tell if this will pay off or not, but without that information I’d be shooting in the dark. 

So take this beyond straight demographics, and let’s see if there are other ways to use this information. 

1. Content Ad Targeted Placements

Well, Quantcast also has an “Audience Also Visits” section on the right side. This could be a goldmine for sites to place content ads on, especially if you find some that have a very high affinity rating. 

2. Discover Competing Affiliates

Ironically, you might not be able to find your biggest competitors through a quick search of Google. For instance, if you were promoting a guitar product, one of your largest competitors might not even mention the product you’re selling, but could be driving crazy traffic through banner ads. Ok, well Quantcast will show this. Do a search for the main page of one of the offer’s I’m promoting, and turns out that my affiliate site has a 466.1x affinity to the mother site. That’s pretty high. I guess that means I’m the closest thing to the real thing. LOL. But, below me, I also see several other sites with affinities well over 200 (I’m the only one over 250 – and there’s a reason for that which I won’t get into here). So I now have a very different perspective of my competition than I did before, because only a few of those sites showed up in my previous analyses. 

3. Find Parallel Keyword Searches

Ever heard the concept of parallel marketing? It’s the idea that your market isn’t necessarily searching for your keywords, but they’re out there and they’d like to find you, they’re just in different thought streams. For instance, someone looking for a car rental in Hawaii might also be in the market for a helicopter tour of a volcano. While it might be true, that would be quite a leap to go on with no data to back you up. So Quantcast provides the data. If you found for instance your customers were also searching for “helicopter in hawaii” or something, you could then start advertising along those lines… keywords, websites, you know the drill. 

4. Discover Your Competitor’s Best Keywords

I did a search for the website that I’m an affiliate of (the mother site), and found I had the highest affinity of any of the sites. That’s fun. Okay, so who’s next? I went through the list, and clicked on the link for each site, to bring up their own stats. I was surprised to find some competitors I didn’t know about also pulling in 20k visits per month with very simple sites. Hmm. Very interesting… then my eye was drawn to the “Audience also searches for” and found one of my competitors had a keyword on there with an affinity of 2693.5x. Now that is pretty freakin high. I think it’s pretty safe to say that keyword is making him money. In fact, I would go way beyond that and venture to say that he’s also advertising on that keyword, and heavily. That must mean that it is a profitable word for him… something I can turn to my own advantage. I know what’s high on my to do list for tomorrow… 

5. Community Finder (Addict Meter)

The Traffic Frequency stat is kind of fun; it will tell you how addicted a site’s clients are to it. This basically just lets you know how often they come back for more. Use this to vet out good spots to advertise – if you’ve got an idea that a site is good, try it out here and see what comes up. Does it match with your expectations, or is it way off? This could show you some warning signs, for instance a community type site that doesn’t really have much repeat traffic when you look at the data. 

Well there are a few ways that I could think of off the top of my head to use Quantcast; I’m sure you’ve got other great ideas, so please feel free to share them in the comments!

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